Art on a Limb

Art on a Limb, an annual program designed to celebrate the arts and nature, is about to bloom in Suwanee once again.

Daily throughout the month of May, two pieces of artwork will be placed along the Suwanee Creek Greenway – and this year art will appear along the trail at the new Sims Lake Park as well. Those who find the artwork may keep it.

This year’s art pieces are mixed media, historic collages created by local artist Melody Orr. Fashioned as magnets, the pieces feature historic Suwanee photos with mixed elements attached to the frame to add whimsy, sparkle, or a statement about the photo or time period.

“I came up with the idea when I was collecting family photos from my grandmother,” says Orr, who lives in Sugar Hill. “My primary goal was to preserve our history, but I fell in love with several photos and decided to make little keepsakes from them.”

The vintage-flavored magnets will be placed on the Greenway and at Sims Lake Park beginning May 1. For those who aren’t fortunate enough to find a magnet along Suwanee’s popular trails, the artwork will be available for purchase beginning June 1 at City Hall and selected upcoming events for $25.

In 2006, Orr created paintings on small pieces of Suwanee’s old water tower for Art on a Limb. The artwork received a Savvy Award from the City-County Communications and Marketing Association in the “Most Creative Activity with Least Dollars Spent” category.

A multi-media artist, Orr creates paintings and sculptures from a variety of materials, including torn paper, fabric, paper clay, polymer clay, and paint.

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