VIP’s in Gwinnett County Parks!

It’s National Volunteer Week and Gwinnett County Parks & Recreation thanks amazing volunteers that have logged on average of 5,000 hours per month working in our parks. Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, Church groups, school clubs and other groups or individuals give tirelessly of their efforts. Our VIP’s (Volunteers in Parks) collaborate with a Volunteer Resource Coordinator to save the county over $100,000 in labor each month.

From face painting to weeding, volunteers assist with many successful projects, events and activities that Gwinnett’s citizens have come to expect and enjoy in their parks.

In addition to events, countless volunteer hours have been spent, maintaining trails, pruning, removing debris and spreading mulch to enhance green space. Numerous Eagle Scout projects such as benches, trail markers and bat houses augment the amenities at Gwinnett County’s parks.

Volunteers spreading mulch in Bethesda Park

There are fun volunteer projects for everyone from young to young-at-heart. Youngsters can bring grocery bags and stuff them in the Do Your Doodie pet waste stations in the parks. Teens can volunteer to paint faces, sing the National Anthem, assist on a hayride, become Summer Camp Counselors In Training and complete Scout Projects. Adults can prune, remove invasive plants, clean pavilions and act as park ambassadors. Seniors volunteer to answer phones, assist with events, garden and greet park patrons.

For more information on how you can become a Gwinnett County Parks & Recreation VIP, contact the Volunteer Resource Coordinator at 770-418-2331 or visit

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