Free Table Tennis Coaching at Lucky Shoals Beginning June 6th

Table Tennis

The Atlanta Georgia Table Tennis Association (AGTTA) is beginning a free coaching program. This is an opportunity for local players to benefit from quality training and instruction at no cost.

Beginning June 6th and continuing every Sunday at 1:30 (women’s group at 2:30) at the Lucky Shoals gym

Every player of any level can benefit from training. Our coaches are qualified to work with you whether you are a beginner or a pro and will provide an hour to an hour and a half lesson.

There is no charge for coaching. Admission to the gym is $3 for AGTTA members and $5 for non members. Everyone is welcome to stay for open play after training.

Everyone who plays would like to play better. Good players have all gotten good training at some point. Once a week group training is not going to turn your game around over night. In time though it can enhance your enjoyment, understanding, and level of play. The free coaching program is a benefit of being associated with AGTTA.

AGTTA is limiting the size of each group to six players and separating players by skill level as well as by age. Groups are already beginning to form.

For more information and to register for group training go to .

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