Update on Gwinnett Table Tennis at Gwinnett Park Community Centers

Provided by Jon Gustavson [topspin2000@gmail.com]

Some of you may have heard that Gwinnett Table Tennis might be losing the use of the Rhodes Jordan gym during the upcoming basketball season. Every year we have lost Saturdays but this year we look to be losing Wednesdays as well. I recently met with officials from the parks and recreation department to discuss this with them. The reason for the change this year has to do with a lack of gym space for youth basketball. As of right now our last Wednesday night will be November 11th and our last Saturday will be November 7th. The remaining Wednesdays we will also be sharing the gym with adult basketball.

My intention is to continue to work with Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation to come up with a way to provide more stability to the Gwinnett program. Fortunately the AGTTA program at Lucky Shoals should not be affected by the basketball season this year. I would like to thank everyone for their support of what has been a very special time and a lot of fun. I will continue to keep everyone up to date on any changes.


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