Duluth Parks and Recreation: Photography and Guitar Programs

Instant Guitar for Hopelessly Busy People
Beginners, ages 13 and up. This class is very popular with working adults that don’t have time or patience for traditional weekly lessons.

Have you ever wanted to learn the guitar but simply find it difficult to find the time? In just a few hours you can learn enough about playing the guitar to give you years of musical enjoyment, and you won’t have to take private lessons to do it. This crash course will teach you some basic chords and get you playing along with your favorite songs right away. Bring your acoustic guitar. Class limited to 15 students. For ages 13+. For more information go to instantguitarnow.com

Topics include:
– How chords work in a song
– How to form the three main types of chords
– How to tune your guitar
– Basic strumming patterns
– How to buy a good guitar (things to avoid)
– How to play along with simple tunes

Required materials fee of $29 will be collected in class by the instructor for workbook and practice DVD.   October 8, 2009,  6:30-9:00pm,  Fee: $25

Victoria, a high school senior and dancer

Victoria, a high school senior and dancer

7 steps to Better Photography
Join Mary Buck  for a 60 minute FREE presentation that will help you understand the technical features of your digital camera and help nurture your artistic skills. The end result will make your photos look their best and for you to enjoy YOUR photography. The program is geared toward SLR users, but point and shooters are welcome. This program is taught by our local photographer Mary Buck of Lightscapes Photography, voted “Best of Gwinnett Photography Studio” 2003, 2004 and 2007.
Bunten Road Park  August 20 at 7PM,  FREE

City of Duluth Parks & Recreation – Contact: Jason Rogers,  Program Coordinator jrogers@duluthga.net

Location: Bunten Road Park,  3180 Bunten Road,  Duluth, GA 30096
Phone 770 814 6981

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  1. Kerwin Richards

    August 7, 2009 at 19:20

    The guitar class starting 10/6/2009 @ 6:30pm – 9:00pm isn’t listed on the instantguitarnow.com website. Is this class actually scheduled to happen? I’d like to sign up.


  2. Jason Rogers

    September 8, 2009 at 15:10

    The class date just changed to Thursday, October 8, 2009.

  3. admin

    September 8, 2009 at 18:43

    thank for the update Jason. I’ve updated the post accordingly.