Trail Run – Little Mulberry Park Saturday May 21st at 9am

Little Mulberry Park – foot trail

Fleet Fee of Johns Creek is doing a run THIS SATURDAY! The run starts at 9:00am at Little Mulberry Park. There are several different parking lots, so be sure to follow the directions provided below.

The run will be broken into both a beginner group and an advanced group. The beginner loop is going to consist of a 3 mile run along the Ravine Loop Trail. The trail is going to have decent elevation gains/losses and will force runners to focus on both running and hiking when necessary. The advanced loop extends closer to six miles and will traverse both the Ravine Loop and parts of the Fast Mulberry Trail.

There are four points that will be focused on during the run:
1. Map Reading: this is going to be necessary skill for our group runs going forward.
2.Trail Recognition: understanding how to handle different terrains as well as the ability to know where you are on the trail is essential.
3. GPS: The Fleet Feet team will spend a bit of time prior to the run discussing GPS on the trails and they will take the time after to answer any questions people have about different devices.
4. Running With a Partner: This is probably the most important thing to focus on as it instills good safety habits and makes the run more enjoyable.

Markers will be set up along the trail to inform runners of when to use their maps during the run. This is meant to be a lot of fun, but will also help reinforce necessary trail running skills.

Recommended Products:
Trail Running shoes, hydration belt or hand held water bottle, sweat wicking clothing, nutrition (i.e. gels or cliff bar), GPS device, and a phone if possible.

Address: 3855 Fence Road, Auburn,GA (note: the address listed brings you close to the park, if you use this plan on heading east on fence road once you reach the destination. The park will be on your left.

The page at Trimble Outdoors provides a bit of information about the trails at Little Mulberry including elevation, GPS coordinates, over 50 trail pictures and points of interest.

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