Fall Baseball Registration with Grayson Athletic Association Online Until July 31, 2001

The Grayson Athletic Association’s Baseball Program is excited to announce registration for its 2011 Fall Baseball Season for children ages 4 – 18 years of age.  Online registration will be available until July 31st for baseball.  When signing up online please make sure that the information you have submitted is correct and that you are signing up for the right sport!!!!

When determining which age group your child will be in, determine the age your child will be on April 30th of 2012 with the exception of 4 year olds.  The minimum age requirement for baseball at GAA is 4 years of age.  Your child must be four years old prior to July 31st, 2011. An age verification process will take place.

Parents will be responsible to make sure that you have placed your child in the right age group.  Parents wishing to play their child UP in the next age group will need to have approval from the Baseball Director prior to completing the registration process.  No player will be allowed to play down from their age group.

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