McDaniel Farm Park

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For this historical park project, Foresite Group (with offices in Norcross and the Southeast) worked with Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation to design and permit this beautiful site. Located in Duluth, Georgia, McDaniel Farm Park is a 128 acre park, a former cotton farm, that has been restored to depict a typical 1930s subsistence farm in Gwinnett County. This park includes 2.5 miles of connecting, paved multi-purpose trails, a picnic pavilion and a large informal play area and was completed in 2005.


McDaniel Farm Park is built around a subsistence farm similar to many of the farms in the area. In addition to the asphalt trail, there is a heritage display that is interpreted by docents on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. When people think of antebellum Georgia, they picture the massive cotton plantations of the coast. In the Atlanta area, however, most agriculture before the Civil War was subsistence farming, raising enough corn and wheat to meet only the needs of the family. Read more and found out about the trails at

Park & Trails Info: 770.822.8840
Historic Info & Rentals: 770.904.3500

Park hours are from sunrise until sunset unless otherwise posted.

Office Hours: F, SA 10:00am-4:00pm


Acres: 134

  • McDaniel Farm is restored to depict a typical 1930?s farm in Gwinnett County
  • Furnished farmhouse
  • Barn
  • Blacksmith shed
  • Carriage house
  • Tenant house
  • Tours
  • Pavilion
  • 3-miles of paved multi-purpose and soft surface trails
  • Grill
  • Restrooms

Parks & Recreation Master Plan Documents

McDaniel Farm Park

Mc Daniel Farm Park

3251 McDaniel Road
Duluth, GA 30096-4605
(770) 814-4920
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