Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for park patrons and fall is the perfect time to remind citizens to be safe and smart when visiting the many parks throughout the county. With the end of Daylight Savings time on November 7 comes cooler temperatures and shorter days, which means less daylight for your park adventures! In order to continue providing a safe and enjoyable environment, GCPR will be installing new Park Smart signs at various parks. The installation of these signs is in partnership with Gwinnett County Police Department, in an effort to reduce the risk of park patrons becoming victims of crime.

After attending crime prevention training and consultation with other departments around the state, members of the Gwinnett County Police department came up with the concept and design of these signs. The signs were funded with a crime prevention grant made to the police department. Eric Rooks, with the Gwinnett County Police department said: “In Gwinnett County, the majority of entering autos we investigate are the result of vehicles left unlocked.  These Park Smart signs will hopefully serve as a reminder to our citizens to lock their cars and to keep valuables out of sight.”

As always, GCPR stresses the importance of planning accordingly and paying attention to basic safety guidelines. All passive community and conservation parks, such as Harbins Park are open from sunrise to sunset. It is important to remember that trails are not lit, however GCPR does offer lighted walking tracks to meet the exercise needs of its citizens at 8 locations across the county. Lighted walking tracks are available at Bay Creek Park, Bethesda Park, Duncan Creek Park, Lenora Park, Peachtree Ridge Park, Shorty Howell Park, West Gwinnett Park and Rock Springs Park. Patrons are encouraged to check the website for up to date information, and pay special attention to park rules/signs.

With the days getting shorter, it is important to avoid being caught by darkness, and exit the park or return from your walk/hike prior to closing. GCPR values its partnership with the patrons and encourages the report of any safety concerns or suspicious activity.  Park patrons are asked to call 911 in case of emergency, otherwise they can call the Police non-emergency number, 770.513.5100.

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