Gwinnett commissioners recently approved a major renovation project for Vines Park near Grayson in southern Gwinnett. The project will replace the existing pavilion with a new one located closer to the lake, replace the existing trail around the lake and add a new lake overlook.

In addition, crews will remove the old wooden structures and bridges that existed on the original residential property when the land was donated to the County in 1990. These structures have presented maintenance issues over the years.

Community Services Director Phil Hoskins said, “We are using new materials that are expected to reduce future maintenance costs for the trails and structures while keeping the lakeside experience visitors expect to find at Vines Park. We also will improve access from the parking lot to the trail.”

The County signed a 20-year lease agreement in 1997 allowing Georgia Fine Restaurants, Inc., to operate Vines Mansion on the park property but Hoskins said the rehab project does not include the leased property.

The Board awarded the $1.07 million project to low bidder Rescom of Georgia, LLC, using funds from the 2005 SPLOST sales tax program. Vines Park opened to the public in 2005.


Check out some great pictures of the Vines Garden at Today’s Creations

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  1. Karmen

    February 16, 2012 at 10:12

    I would love to know more; how long do they expect the renovation to take? Will the grounds be open and available for a September 2012 wedding?